Media Display Box

That works 24/7

Go For It !

A Media Display Box that makes a difference.

It attracts attention by using movement, lights and various contents!

Batteries are not included. You can hang it or you can put it on the table. It's great for media advertising. This product lends itself to all kinds promotional designs. Use your imagination!

The principle:

We use two AA size batteries to maintain the magnetic field in order for the arm to oscillate after the initial arm movement. The LED flashes due to the electronic circuitry.

The patent:

We filed the design patent as well as the trade mark with the Patent and Trade Office (PTO).

The application:

At the tip of the arm, it can hold aprox 3.5 x 2.5 inches such as a size of an index card. It swings back and forth to draw attention to the media area that contains the slogan or picture. The area for printing is wide. The flashing LED can be incorporated with the main body contents. You may use a printed sticker or a pad printed on the main body area which is extremely easy to do. The rest is up to your imagination.

The colors :

Our trade mark slogon : "Go For It"

The profile :

Main media printing area.

Eye hook for wall hanging.

Application example 1.

Application example 2.

Application example 3.

MPEG movie:

REAL Video movie stream:

Take a look! (size: 728k)

Take another look! (size: 303k)

With an addition of an EL light! (size: 208k)

A different EL light pattern! (size: 416k)

Click here to play!

The swing arm holds up the card. The logo can be placed on the front media area. The bottom area can also be used as an advertising area. The LED looks like it was hit by an Iron.

Media application ideas:

MPEG Movie (148kb) Look!         MPEG Movie (220kb) Look!

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Taiwan gift and premium show 

April 2001 MPEG Movie (990kb)

HK gift & premium Fair

April  2001 MPEG Movie (460kb)

Taiwan Consumer Electronic show

Oct. 2001

HK gift & premium Fair

April 23 to 26, 2002 Booth#  2C22


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